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Denny Coiro Piano Studio

Private and Group lessons in your own home at your piano

Over 40 years experience helping all ages to learn to play the piano
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1. Combine proven methods of piano teaching with enjoyable music to play - Use technology to help where technology works well - Use traditional approaches were they work well

2. Choose music to learn that pleases the student

3. Develop the physical skills of playing the piano - All piano training starts with being able to control the body in playing the keys etc. - This develops coordination

4. Develop a good ear to hear and play enjoyable music - Music is all about sound - It is important to be able to hear the melody and harmonies to play them well

5. Develop a good sense of rhythm - Being able to keep a steady beat is imperative to playing enjoyable music - Good rhythm sense makes the music sound better - Good rhythm makes it easier to play with others - Band/Orchestra, Choir Etc.

6. Develop the ability to read printed music well - This makes it possible to learn music that you have not heard before - This also increases IQ and math/science aptitude

7. Choose a course of study based on the students stated goals

8. Have a good time (Making music at the piano is in Itself fun to do)

9. Science has proven that making music reduces stress and thereby improves health

10. All kinds of Music available to learn with including: Classical, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Hymns/Contemporary Christian,
Country, Broadway/Show Tunes, Movie Themes Etc.

Education: BS Piano/Voice - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

RMM (Recreational Music Making) Facilitator/Trainer

Associations: MTNA – ASMTA - PMTA
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